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Continuous training

Continuous training aims to update and develop the professional and personal skills and competences necessary throughout the career of a magistrate.

The annual continuous training plan is designed by CEJ, after consulting the Superior Councils for the Judiciary, the Administrative and Tax Courts and the Public Prosecutor's Office, taking into account the needs identified within the scope of the courts' activity.

CEJ ensures the global planning and organization of continuous training actions, taking into account the diversification by functional areas, specialization and thematic multidisciplinary, in a decentralized manner.

CEJ teachers participate in the organization of continuous training actions in collaboration with trainers and other collaborators, including magistrates, university teachers, lawyers and other personalities of recognized merit.

Continuous training is intended for:
  • Judges of the Judicial Courts
  • Judges of administrative and tax courts
  • Public prosecutors
  • Lawyers
  • Solicitors
  • Agents from other sectors of justice.