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International Relations

International Relations


The Department of International Relations (DRI) as an organ of CEJ, essentially aims to contribute to the training of national and foreign magistrates, through the organization, execution and participation in judicial training actions of an international scope, in Portugal or abroad, thus contributing to international judicial cooperation, to strengthening mutual trust between the different countries involved in exchanges and to strengthening the prestige of CEJ.

Guided by these strategic objectives, the DRI primarily develops its activities in close liaison with the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) and the Academy of European Law (ERA), among other networks, organizations and training schools.

The cooperation and training activities carried out by the DRI with institutions and magistrates from Portuguese-speaking countries have also taken on particular importance.

As CEJ/DRI's international point of contact, registrations for international activities by interested magistrates (in close liaison with the Superior Councils for the Judiciary, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Administrative and Tax Courts), must necessarily go through the DRI.